XML API Integration

An XML integration is basically a connector that acts as a "translator" between customers and suppliers allowing different formats or programming languages (usually XML) to be compatible.

Exalted offers Travel XML API Integration for various vendors in your system. We provide data in XML to be more moldable in our approach. While integrating from different vendors would need different APIs, we have normalized this process and allocate a standard interface to integrate all the vendors. Worried about technology changes on supplier systems? Our system can handle these changes. Want to integrate a new user interface for a third-party system that is not yet registered? Exalted Team can develop a structured API for you.

Booking Hotels for a holiday or business meetings can be a complex process, which takes up a lot of time. Every destination has large number hotels options and each of which offers differ quality, pricing, provisions and availability. And it's variety which makes it so hard to find just what you're looking for fast and efficient.

Our XML has been design posture in mind the challenges that small- and medium-sized travel agents face when selecting hotels for their customers. Not only should the interface be a user friendly one, but all the information, including pricing and availability, must be presented in real time.


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